Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

How'd you spend your 40th Birthday?

Checkin' out the awesome views in the Ozarks?

Sampling the local fair at the Dairy Shack?

Yup I think So!
Did you take a Pajama hike on a beautiful spring day with your favorite Trail Monster?
Did you see a Purple Red Hatted, Black WoodPecker going to a meeting?

Did you take in some more sights?
Or maybe you finished off a little nightcap?

Did you fall asleep by the fire?

Did you get some snuggle time?

Happy Birthday MOM!
And to top the whole weekend did you get two really cool gifts, like the a prized "Team Seagal Cycling Jersey", or maybe a nighttime sighting of the last of the wild mustangs in the Ozarks?

Well My Mommy Did!!!!!!

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Casey Ryback said...

I am willing to bet that your jersey is a lot happier to be on you than on any of us! We're all covered in grossness.

TeamSeagal said...

Happy Birthday!!!. You definitely make that jersey look better than we do.

Oh, and when Coach says we are covered in grossness, he really means it.

Doctor Goscinski

Matt said...

Happy B-Day!

Is that dairy place the one in Eminence, MO?