Saturday, March 20, 2010

Big Gravel Friday Got Dirty.

Two soldiers go hunting...


Wrist Snappers...

40 Miles(Paved, Gravel, Singletrack)
Consider me officially de-sanded! Thank you VGS-12!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backpackers Monthly February Edition - Spring in your step

FEBRUARY 26-28, 2010
In summary, Night hike Friday to Bell Mtn, setup camp, woke up chilly and enjoyed a sunrise peaking over the trees and under a few clouds. Coffee and bagels to fuel the day, then off trail straight down to Shut-in's creek. A lot more off trail to the peak on Lindsey Mtn. The cool temps allowed us to pack some flank steak for fajitas with fixin's and the sun made the rocks a worthy picnic location. More bushwacking and out to the gravel for a nice quiet stroll back to the TrailHead. We did stop just off the gravel to enjoy a few sips of fine Craggenmore Single Malt 12 for me and Savory Jack D. for Wendy as the moon rose from the treetops. Great 24 hour trip for sure.
The last 3 pics are us kicking around our friends front yard....ahhh to have a shut-in's right in the front yard...SWEET.'s official white chicks can jump.
Tarptent at Sunrise

Spring in her step!

Did I mention fear of heights?

View back at Bell Mtn, we just left the high point in the center of the picture.

Lindsey Mtn

Clownin' around.
Marble Creek