Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Dawn arises...

Berryman Trail August 23, 2008

Perfect weather - mid 60's to start Highs near the upper 80's.

Rain a couple days prior washed the trails clean...

Sydsmomma(Wendy) is set for the start of the 12 hour test of Endurance.

12 Miles Bike and 4.5 Running Time - 7AM-ish
New Ride - 2008 Rock Hopper 29er - SS 32x18 and 32x20.

Only minor preparations are needed when you follow a simple mantra:

"Superior Attitude, Superior State of Mind."

As her guiding forces have shown her..."It's a Mental Game"

I worked checkpoint Bravo on the Bike Section at the top of the climb from the artesian well. A great place to see the real pain set in...
As one rider responded when asked about trail conditions - "Perfect, Slippery roots ;), and a couple death holes on the backside..." I will guess the slippery roots had something to do with the death holes... ;)

Wendy crushed the first bike portion with the highly respectable push through her 32x18...not recommended for a newbie on the SS at Berryman. Effects of a tough climb with a steep gear:

She made a quick swap to my Stumpjumper @ 34x21 only to return it on the next lap with a flat rear...(Hutchinson Pythons...2nd flat in as many weeks since installation. Going back to the Specialized Fast Tracks. - Tire Sale Anyone)

During her 2nd lap the super pit crew of "Trail Monster and Me" swapped out the 18 for a 20... this kid can fix anything, just look at the determination! Cheap labor...all ya need is a box of Popsicles (Fruit Juice-not that sugary crap- her words not mine ;))

Heading out to finish up snappin the wrists.

Finish Line Push

Total Carnage Results?

You Bet! 1st Place Women Overall!!!

Takin home free a BonkHard race entry and a new pair of Salomon Trail Shoes! As you can see she is totally stoked for the new shoes!

3 Laps under 12 hours...totally snappin my wrists from the year before.

The post race moment of joy and honor as she names her trusty new steed: "She-Ra"

Of course none of this would be possible without the support from a few friends...(double click the pic and check out the seat tube and bars)

For the rest of you that dare challenge "She-Ra" and her Master...

The following shall be you're fate as it has those that have challenged before!!!