Monday, September 28, 2009

Trail Monster Tango

Guess who?

Any guess on the source of the mad dancing skills?

Just another TTM Friday!

Bet you wish your Friday's were like this...

I would show you Saturday and Sunday...

but, you couldn't handle it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Base Jumping beginnings and Binder Lake endings.

Once upon a time a little trail monster climbed a rock, and then another rock and another. Soon a little trail monster was bored with merely climbing rocks. So why not kick it up a notch and jump instead of climb down. Her form is perfect, never taking her eyes off her landing mark. Touchdown. I think a base jumper is born... please feel free to donate to her co-pay account.

Before you question her atire...think again...Daddy did not dress her...this was a solo mission and she rocks the hiking boots, pink socks, mini-skirt, and satin Mickey-n-Minnie shirt!

Binder Lake 6 hour Mariachi festival. I now fully understand why there are so many Mexican eateries in the great land of Missouri. The residents of Jeff City have taken to Mariachi music with a gusto. Thus, the sounds echo in the surrounding woodlands and I even had a sighting of trumpeter playing while tied to a large oak tree. It had the faint resemblance of a scene from Deliverance. All I know is "ya keep on pedalin' ur bike boy". To recover from visions such as this it takes a bit of time and therapy. Delicious Ice Cold PBR's help one to come back to reality. Ahh that's it...

Race RECAP: Rain, mist, and very little sunshine with temps in the 70's. Perfect for a day of hard packed dirt singletrack. LeMans start, so I took the first lap, I had a great start near the front of the pack, but alas, not fast enough to pass the kid on the run. Upon entering the single track I could tell we were in for some aggressive riding to break this pack up. Brakes for every turn, and then...yup tires were rubbin' my back wheel. Given I am holding steady at 210, it would take a bit more to move me. Next thing I hear is "The gaps gettin' to big, move on" and then "Pass that kid!", and then "Somebody tell that kid to move or he is gonna get kicked in the ditch!" I almost fell off my bike laughing, until I felt the rub again and realize I may have bitten off way more than I could chew being in the front. Eventually the kid left a gap and I shot through the brush for the pass, and right on my wheel the one and only "pFoodman". Could it be the always gracious Ralph was ready to kick a kid in the ditch? I gave up the spot just to make sure he didn't kick me to the ditch. I was way over geared for the course. 34x20 was to much with the short steeps, I just couldn't keep the speed in the climbs and that cost me alot of extra effort. After the first few climbs and the view of Ralphs butt was gone, the trail opened up and I was alone and unmotivated to push on. I almost thought I missed a turn as I didn't hear even a chainslap. The ups were good grunts and the downs were very fast...almost toooo fast. I knew every downhill I would have to push my limits to stay in contention as the climbs were killin me. The first lap left one small bunny headless in the middle of a turn. Guess he zigged when he shoulda zagged. The grassy fields were my real downfall. Why is it that a climb in the woods can be tough but a climb in the open grass fields it is downright punishing? I seem to fall apart in places that SS should excel. The transistions went smooth, handing Wendy the baton and sending her out on a seek and destroy mission. We both ran the same gearing so I knew the battle she was entering. My first lap was 47 minutes. I think the heavy traffic early on cost me at least 5 minutes as my later laps were all in the area of 41-42 minutes. I was struggling to make a sub 40, but just couldn't quite hit it. I do beleive the fuel was getting better. The first lap I had Heed and Cytomax pre race and then water on the bike. The Heed was not friendly, so I switched up when Tamminator offered me some Perpetum. That was the trick. All laps after that went much better. I would only fuel between laps as I had about 50 minutes of down time. Wendy was rockin' out great times, but then lap 2 started having mechanicals. The damn dropouts seemed to start sliding when she would power up the steeps. That was the same problem I had with the Rockhopper. Guess it's time for a new configuration...or better yet a Kona! Ok, so the Kona is on hold until the new bike fund is replenished. Until then I will look at installing a spacer kit or wheel tensioner system of some sort.

My 4th and final lap, I went out about 5 minutes behind Coach. So my mission was to catch him. I went out with a good pace to do just that...until I rolled up on Sonya T...then my mission changed...why chase coach with the scenery back here. Soon she was having none of this tailing and forced me to pass on the rocky climb. In the distance I could hear a chainslap coming on fast, and I got a glimpse. White Mesa jersey...yup Christine Ford was moving through and a I felt I needed to stay away. So I pushed and pushed to keep away until I mentally broke down and just yelled out through the woods for her to "put me out of my misery". Little did I know that at that very instance I had snapped her wrists and she was dropping into granny for a spin to the finish. I guess my pleas fired up her carnivorous instincts. She closed the gap as we entered the big field, and as she passed I felt my own wrists snap and shame came over me for giving in with only 2 miles to go. Having left the start line without my Samurai sword I could not end it all right there, so I powered on and grabbed her wheel as we passed Conan pushing his bike with a broken chain. That is one big F'n mountain biker. Fear of falling prey to him I dug deep and hung on Christine's wheel until the second grassy field climb, and then when I heard the clicky things going off I knew she was dropping into spin mode, so I stood up and cranked for all my worth. Besides...that big F'n dude is still back there...and he was not going to take my bike...maybe hers but not mine. As I exited the field I realized I had opened enough of a gap that I would finish ahead in the battle and save face, thus no need for the sword and the final round of seppuku.
At transistion Wendy was standing there sans her bike...damn that means she wants to ride mine. She snatched it from hands and made a couple of adjustments and rolled out on her final lap. The above picture is her after finishing the race and her fastest lap yet. Not sure why but she agrees that my bike is much faster than hers. So fast that at one point she had to wrestle it to the ground in a sharp turn just to show who was in charge. It must have been an epic battle as they both returned with scrapes, bruises and even chunks of earth strewn about them. Of course with a few cold PBR's to toast our finish as teammates and members of the most respected team in all of mountain biking "TEAM SEAGAL", we conclude that all is right in this world. In lieu of a podium appearance, Wendy chose to have her picture taken with the one and only Ralph "pFoodman" Pfremmer . I chose to keep my distance as I wasn't sure if he still had a kick in the ditch pheeling about him. Oh and a Nice round of applause goes out to Nick of Team Red Wheel and all of his assistants in putting on a Most Excellent race! (Lower left of the pic IN the boots)

Pictures courtesy of Christine Ford! Thanks again for the pics and the challenge!
Results Yup 18th out of 28 with our other teammates Coarch and special guest Peat taking in a top 10. More on their race here.

PS...The new KONA Tent is the Bomb!!!

next up...Major One break-in, Psychocross breakdown!