Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Vacation til now...2 days left...?

So it's been a minute since my last post....I prefer photo blogging and I have been without a camera for a while...but thanks to Pentax I am back in business. I Crushed!err Drowned my Olympus Stylus 770SW back in July, replaced it with the Olympus Tough sucked in my book...toooooo many damn options and it seemed to always take low res pics... It's a point n'on. Time to Test the W90 it is...had it for 3 weeks...realized I did not purchase the protection plan from guess what...I am SOL....because like all things ....I must break them. Crushed the front lens on a bike ride....So on a whim I sent it to the Pentax repair...Next thing I know...they are fixing it and a part was backordered....well luck was on my/our side...the part came in and the camera returned home in time for our Thanksgiving Vacation.
So it's been a minute. Burning at the Bluff was awesome, Hell it was so awesome our teammate Keith decided to do a lap and a half on a broken leg. Super StuD! Awesome fast course for sure!

So Thanksgiving Vaca went like this so far....

Photo's from Stella
Just a statement that getting out there offers lots of different views..
Stitz, Busken, Pryor, Keevan, and TTM @ Middlefork

I had to explain the next...and yes I like sheep boots.
How else do you get the sheep to stand still...?

Oh and we signed up for the Castlewood 8 Hour Adventure Race 4th in a row for TTM. Best of all I found my most favored item, my Castlewood 8 Hour fleece cap. It was tucked away in my hunting jacket from Deer Season 2009. Yes another skunk....that makes several now...gotta get a better grip on hunting property options.