Friday, June 26, 2009

Loooonnnggg Weeekend!!

Team Trail Monster Headed out Thursday night for an overnight. Pizza, beer, and rock n roll!

Norf County Pizza gone west! Cus'!

The Tavern @ Definace! ...doesn't close until 1:30am Thursday

Look close..its blurry like my eyes were at 2AM.

Snake Grabbin @ 2in tha morn!!! Gotta watch where ya hang ur hammock!!! I grabbed this snake while tieing the hammock tarp in place. You can bet I will look first from now on.

Stay tuned, it's only friday! 52 Miles on Single speeds, now headed for Berryman!

Recap from Thursday:

Thursday Night Karaoke and Pole dancing Trail Monster Style!

Snakes at 2am...what next? The morning after picture. He was still hanging out in the tree next to where I slept.

Streakers in the park?

Diana and Karen on an out n back from Busch Greenway.

Good to see ya again! You just never know where a Trail Monster might show up!


Climbing out of Ducket Creek sewers in 95* heat.

Official Bike Lane in St Chuck?

(Research Park Overpass)


Woke up in the USFS meat locker(er Bunk House) in Potosi. Damn near froze to death as the AC runs non-stop. Grabbed a chainsaw and headed for B-man.
Trail Kharma at Berryman Saturday Morning.

We met a handful of Team Ghisallo and Fisher 29er crew cranking out hot laps in near 100* temps.

You Ghisallo guys are smart making smiling DG do a prelap of Berryman before he rides with ya!

Then off to the friendly farm/retreat/redneck oasis of Mr. OTA himself (John Roth).

Thanks for letting TTM hang on your gravel bar and enjoy the bullfrogs croakin'

Finally, the only viable excuse for missing the SSMC with Team Seagal!

Tubin' with Sydney on the upper Courtois!

Trail Monster Float Trip anyone?

Setting the plans now....stay tuned!

As if this weekend was not enough, an awesome donation made its way to the Trail Monster storage! 57.5 pounds of porn. Yup you read it right, TTM has recieved a large rubbermaid tote from an undisclosed source. The contents: "Playboy" magazines dating back to the 60's! Nearly blind at this point but more research is required!

Until later: (What she said: "Peace Out Bitches"!)