Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Bring ur A Game like Kenny. Biatches Ouachita is on!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

How'd you spend your 40th Birthday?

Checkin' out the awesome views in the Ozarks?

Sampling the local fair at the Dairy Shack?

Yup I think So!
Did you take a Pajama hike on a beautiful spring day with your favorite Trail Monster?
Did you see a Purple Red Hatted, Black WoodPecker going to a meeting?

Did you take in some more sights?
Or maybe you finished off a little nightcap?

Did you fall asleep by the fire?

Did you get some snuggle time?

Happy Birthday MOM!
And to top the whole weekend did you get two really cool gifts, like the a prized "Team Seagal Cycling Jersey", or maybe a nighttime sighting of the last of the wild mustangs in the Ozarks?

Well My Mommy Did!!!!!!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ever wonder where that sweet singletrack comes from?

Well.......somebody wanders off the road
And along comes some little trail elf that
ties little orange ribbons to the trees to form a drunken line in the brush.

After a while a few friends start pickin' up leaves one at a time....

then other friends gently urge the big rocks and roots out of the way,
and finally somebody sweeps it clean.

and then....

.......and then...somebody steps on a frog.

AND then all your friends wanna see the frog.

Ok, so nobody stepped on a frog, but all of these friends from GORC did lay down a ribbon of super sexy singletrack.

It's so sexy you gotta see it twice.

So now you know where the sweet singletrack comes from...

Go see for yourself...just click the picture.

The Trace Creek Section aka "North Trace" GORC adopt-a-trail has now been lifted up and out of the creek.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wanna go to Brommelsiek Park!

They have a bubble to see things my way.

A big climby thing on the big slide.

There is some dirt for my bike and me.

A little more practice and I will crash just like Dad!

This clip shows I have my Mom's determination!
I made it!

I like to fly in the swing!

I love the park!

There is this extra swing so we can swing together at my birthday party next Saturday!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

Somedays you just take what's thrown at ya. Even if the weather dude says slight chance of 1-3" possible, and you get 10-12". I witnessed snow as deep as 12 inches at Akers Ferry, MO. Enjoy the slideshow of pictures from the float. Snow was accumulating at about 2" per hour during the float.

This short 1.5 miles was the most serene time I have ever experienced on the river. This was initially a solo fishing trip. I only made two casts and put the rod away to enjoy the beauty of the moment, as we all know you don't get very many of this times in life. A few minutes later a pair of wood ducks jumped up and flew down stream look close in the pictures for them. Very quiet and pretty with the heavy snow falling. The big rocks along the waters edge don't look near as inviting to jumpers when the temps are in the 30's. Welsh Spring is somewhat erie as you pass the old building with bars and such. I took the short hike up from the take out. That was a very spooky place as daylight faded. Mark this one up as "One float I will never forget".