Monday, March 16, 2009

Ever wonder where that sweet singletrack comes from?

Well.......somebody wanders off the road
And along comes some little trail elf that
ties little orange ribbons to the trees to form a drunken line in the brush.

After a while a few friends start pickin' up leaves one at a time....

then other friends gently urge the big rocks and roots out of the way,
and finally somebody sweeps it clean.

and then....

.......and then...somebody steps on a frog.

AND then all your friends wanna see the frog.

Ok, so nobody stepped on a frog, but all of these friends from GORC did lay down a ribbon of super sexy singletrack.

It's so sexy you gotta see it twice.

So now you know where the sweet singletrack comes from...

Go see for yourself...just click the picture.

The Trace Creek Section aka "North Trace" GORC adopt-a-trail has now been lifted up and out of the creek.