Monday, May 18, 2009

Ozark Trail Damage is Extensive!

Decades in the making, and destroyed in a days time... That's the inital thoughts after recon crews got the first looks at the "OT" through central Missouri. Over 100 miles of trail is now closed due to the devastation from the "Derecho" that blew through 5-8-09. The hurricane force winds ripped the freshly leafed out tress from the ground roots and all. Trees lay scattered on the trail for miles.

I worked with a crew of 6 last Saturday and I believe we only cleared about 1/2 mile of trail and we hadn't even made it to the ridgetop, which is the location of the major damage. As you can see from the photo's that follow tree's of all sizes took a hit during this storm. The clean up work is demanding for sure with leaners, widow makers, and binds of all shapes and sizes. The sawyers will earn their keep this year for sure!

For more information on the trail status please visit the

If you have a free day, lend a hand. Large sections of trail are closed until the cleanup is complete.

On a brighter note...If you are looking for a dog and a dozen eggs then look no further. The only place in Missouri to offer both.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All grown up.

Where did the time go? Last day as a high school senior 2009.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Backpacker Training 101 aka Sydney's Bootcamp

All of us at Team Trail Monster highly recommend Sydney's Bootcamp.
Lots of trail miles in boots, lots of rocks to scramble on, and even a few trees for climbing.
We are now in training for the Team Trail Monster Big Spring Bring on Summer Hike.
40+ Miles of Hiking on the Ozark Trail followed by 35+ miles of Floating down the Current River.
Duration 7 days... give or take a day or so for fun days and side trip hikes like Rocky Falls.
Check out a few more training pictures. We even practice first aid.