Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Morning Change of Plans

Couldn't sleep at 5 AM, so the air temps at 71*F were begging me to ride off into Lost Valley.
Pink in the morn'n Sailor take Warn'n...
Sweet Single Track all to myself!
Snake bite number 1...
Big Ol' Owl swooped past me and lit in the tree.
Snake bite number more tubes or air.
Huge thanks to Jamie Young(sp) for loaning me a pump and patches. Even with the good Samaritan activities I still managed to score a 6 mile walk. Jamie I hope you make the Luau on Sunday for your first race! Great course for a first time racer! I will have your pump at Registration just ask for TTM or Lawman.
Ok closet naturalists....what is this. Pale Yellow flower, bursts in to large seed pods with parachute like tops on the seeds that float on a breeze. Sorry the iPhone didn't want to play nice with the camera focus today.

Upon arrival at work 2 hours late I ushered in a nice little shower.
Don't worry none - that trail is so hardpacked right now you can ride it tonight. But Don't just wait til tomorrow. Go ride some pavement or clean your bike for race day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Fully recharged. A great weekend and I didn't even ride my bike, but - I did see some crazy double rainbow's and one right out of Temple...I did cut a tree with an axe, catch a fish with a flyrod, sleep in a hammock, clean some trail, and climbed all the way to the infamous yet unknown by many, Council Bluff.
Oh and drank some PBR's with a friend.
And...heard Slow Ride on the Radio twice, once pulling on to Hwy 40 and second pulling away from the boat ramp at Council Bluff Lake.