Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perfect Weather for a Hike together!

Saturday proved to be the most awesome of days. One of the top five snow storms was rolling through the Lou and all we wanted to do was be right out in the middle of it. High Noon we hit the Lewis and Clark Trail at Weldon Springs. As we wandered down the trail we discussed our distance...would it be 5 0r 8. Only time would tell...The parking lot was full so we knew we would cross the paths of a few brave souls...or is it soles...

The count for the day as follows:

  1. 6-8 MO dept of Conservation Volunteers all dressed in official gear out for a morning stroll. Word of a couple crazy Pileated Wood Peckers was passed...

  2. 1 Lone Hiker about 50 in a camo coat with fanny pack and a water bottle...few words whispered as he moved on past.

  3. 1 Camera man...out trying for some great snow shots....Word passed of some climbers rappelling the limestone bluffs.

  4. 3 Climbers...2 guys in their late 30's and a 5 year old boy...decked out near a small fire warming from their climb. about 200 feet of crappy limestone. They moaned of the crappy conditions...(Duh its limestone mixed with Ice and Snow...its bound to crumble in your grip)

  5. 3 Hikers...They looked like us with an older daughter...they mentioned that their daughter grew up in a back pack much like Sydney is doing....(Wendy was Stoked to her that it can be done...raising a kid outdoors...)

  6. 1 Lady Hiker on the move barely a word spoken...all is well..we were near the end...

The Slide Show Photo's(Upper right or the link below) show our fun from start to finish...Look Close and you may see our Christmas Card shot...sure wish we could get the big kids to go...I guess that once you hit 17+ your pretty much done with your parents for a while...


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Adventure Racing - Castlewood 8 hour

Team "Trail Monster" Rocks the nay sayers with a 2nd Place 2 Person Coed Finish!
8 hours 58 minutes. If only Team Captain had read the instructions on the orienteering course....quite possibly a 1st place finish could have been in store.

(Note to Captain....Always read and assume checkpoints are to be done in order....)

Navigationally near perfect....CP 18 was further than expected and cost the team an additional 15 minutes. Pre-race distances between CP's is a must.

Phrase of the day....."Pedal Faster" ---- Response of the day...."Shutup, your an $#$^! - I am trying my best"

Psssst - we are still married...LOL