Saturday, December 8, 2007

Adventure Racing - Castlewood 8 hour

Team "Trail Monster" Rocks the nay sayers with a 2nd Place 2 Person Coed Finish!
8 hours 58 minutes. If only Team Captain had read the instructions on the orienteering course....quite possibly a 1st place finish could have been in store.

(Note to Captain....Always read and assume checkpoints are to be done in order....)

Navigationally near perfect....CP 18 was further than expected and cost the team an additional 15 minutes. Pre-race distances between CP's is a must.

Phrase of the day....."Pedal Faster" ---- Response of the day...."Shutup, your an $#$^! - I am trying my best"

Psssst - we are still married...LOL


ojulius said...

Awesome job!! Yeah to still being married after that feat. :)

Matt said...

Congrats amigo! Awesome showing and the 29er is sweet! But where is the part about beer?