Monday, October 12, 2009

Burnin' at the Bluff 2009

The blog title picture is the reaction you get when your name is called to climb to the top of the podium on your cherry poppin' trip to the Burnin' at the Bluff!

When you rock it on a singlespeed mountain bike for 10.36 hours covering 5 laps totaling 65 miles while rockin' one of your awesome sponsors swag and drinkin' their beer and over the speakers you hear 12 hour Solo Female ....1st place is ...... Team Seagal's own .... Wendy Davis you get the following picture!

From getting a jersey from the team in March as the biggest fan for your birthday, to rocking the podium in first place as a teammate, you can't get any happier!

....workin' like a soldier, dreamin' of said podium.

I think the burning sheep had the last word...

You awesome peeps at MESA Cycles sure throw down one helluva moutain bike event!


Special thanks to ICCC for the great pasta dinner and the 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies I ate!