Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Dawn arises...

Berryman Trail August 23, 2008

Perfect weather - mid 60's to start Highs near the upper 80's.

Rain a couple days prior washed the trails clean...

Sydsmomma(Wendy) is set for the start of the 12 hour test of Endurance.

12 Miles Bike and 4.5 Running Time - 7AM-ish
New Ride - 2008 Rock Hopper 29er - SS 32x18 and 32x20.

Only minor preparations are needed when you follow a simple mantra:

"Superior Attitude, Superior State of Mind."

As her guiding forces have shown her..."It's a Mental Game"

I worked checkpoint Bravo on the Bike Section at the top of the climb from the artesian well. A great place to see the real pain set in...
As one rider responded when asked about trail conditions - "Perfect, Slippery roots ;), and a couple death holes on the backside..." I will guess the slippery roots had something to do with the death holes... ;)

Wendy crushed the first bike portion with the highly respectable push through her 32x18...not recommended for a newbie on the SS at Berryman. Effects of a tough climb with a steep gear:

She made a quick swap to my Stumpjumper @ 34x21 only to return it on the next lap with a flat rear...(Hutchinson Pythons...2nd flat in as many weeks since installation. Going back to the Specialized Fast Tracks. - Tire Sale Anyone)

During her 2nd lap the super pit crew of "Trail Monster and Me" swapped out the 18 for a 20... this kid can fix anything, just look at the determination! Cheap labor...all ya need is a box of Popsicles (Fruit Juice-not that sugary crap- her words not mine ;))

Heading out to finish up snappin the wrists.

Finish Line Push

Total Carnage Results?

You Bet! 1st Place Women Overall!!!

Takin home free a BonkHard race entry and a new pair of Salomon Trail Shoes! As you can see she is totally stoked for the new shoes!

3 Laps under 12 hours...totally snappin my wrists from the year before.

The post race moment of joy and honor as she names her trusty new steed: "She-Ra"

Of course none of this would be possible without the support from a few friends...(double click the pic and check out the seat tube and bars)

For the rest of you that dare challenge "She-Ra" and her Master...

The following shall be you're fate as it has those that have challenged before!!!


Mason Storm said...

That is really cool! Maybe by next year I will discover I like to run, and will join you both. Will we be seeing TTT at Binder this Saturday for the 1st ever 6hr race? You 2 could snap some wrist in the "duo" cat. Congrats again.

Mason Storm said...

I meant TTM!

Matt said...

Awesome job! Holy cow thats a tall order for the day and a big challenge indeed! Good choice with the Ergons too.

Nothin better than winning some schwag.

TeamSeagal said...

I've only met you once at Landahl, but after seeing the results and the handlebar/seatpost decorations, I feel quite compelled to tell you that I love you. There, I said it.

-C. Ryback

ojulius said...

Wendy, you rock!! Way to go! :)