Monday, November 24, 2008

Tick Tock

Castlewood 8 Hour is almost here...



ojulius said...

Sweet! Good luck, are you both racing?

Team Trail Monster said...

Yes, we are Team Trail Monster - COED 2 person team. Last year was a second place.

This year we have been training so...maybe just maybe we can take it!

Lots of new faces on the signup. I just hope our Single speeds can take us to the front of the pack.
Can you believe that just a year ago in June Wendy was on her first MTB ride....and broke her elbow....? Now she is kickin it on a SS 29er!

ojulius said...

That is awesome!! Go Wendy!! So when does Syd get her first bike? :)

Team Trail Monster said...

Syd is already riding. She is working over a donor "Princess" bike. She will grab tools and work on it when I am tweaking ours. When her legs get a tad longer I will take off the trainer wheels.

She is a riot to watch...whatever you do, do not pass her. The competitive beast will come out!