Sunday, November 30, 2008


2008 Stumpjumper RIP!

So I think we have finally figured out the chain throwing problem. A nice inch long crack across the weld holding the chainstay to the seat tube. This little crack allowed the frame to flex, inturn allowing the chainline to slide out of whack just a tad bit at a time...eventually the it would throw the chain. I have been so frustrated witht his bike since I got it back in May, I almost gave up cycling. With just a tad bit of good fortune I may get a 2009 frame as a replacement.

The Specialized rep is headed by the shop Monday to confirm the dath of my frame, and order a new one. With any luck I will have it by Wednesday, giving me 1.5 days to get it dialed in for the Castlewood 8 Hour Adventure race Saturday morning at 6am.

To blow of some steam I managed a Saturday morning ride(Wendy's Rockhopper 29er SS) with the BRO-N-Law Jeff. We took the Bryan Road to Busch to Brommelsiek route I mapped last fall. Great Ride. 28 mile loop. I will work on getting a link up to the route.
PS...Wendy managed to inspect her bike within minutes of our return....and it was in perfect working order.


Matt said...

Wow. But not altogether surprising - a few of those have cracked.

Aluminum has an "unpredictable" fatigue life - meaning that there is no method of determining when those cracks will form.
Steel on the other hand has a predictable life (bend a coat hangar back and form till it it 20 times and the wire should break at the ~same number of bends each time - well close to it). Titanium has an infinite fatigue life. Now you know the difference in price between materials.....

Best bet is to run multiple bikes. Stuff breaks and your free time is limited. Don't let broken equipment keep you from riding.

Bummer dude...hope you get things dialed in before the 8 hour. Damn...wish we still had races going on here.

Team Trail Monster said...

We are still knee deep in cross season. Well at least some are...I just go for the free beer. ;)