Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mud*Attitude/State of Mind= Wrist Snapping!

Smithville Lake Trails

Smithville, MO

April 18, 2009

The freshly manicured course was washed in the early morning hours to ensure maximum carnage for the day.

To ensure the plan of the day would be massive pain, the fine peeps from Earth Riders Smithville trails crew brought in extras for cleanup as noted below.
Trail Monster made sure to inspect the mud in turn 1 and teach the boys how it's done.
Carnage came early and often for some. This race was not for the weak with 11 miles of mud ahead, there was not gonna be a course record today, unless, it was for destroyed spirits and deraillures.

Of course there are those wired a little bit differently....

You know those who think it's still cross season like the amazing "IAMDWAYNEGOSCINSKI".
"Grinnin' Goscinski"
Much to smile about here for the one they call "Mitch the Masher".

I think the Mashin' has begun! There must be some rule written in ancient sanscript stored in a PBR warehouse that says "To wear this jersey you must possess "balls"....I am pretty sure these bike patrollers will not ask to see the sack again!

Earnin' spokes!

Who's Next? Mud, Girls, and....ahh, yup she's just givin a little slap to the head.

OH, and by the way...the Goods!

In the words of another group of famous boys..."You gotta Fight"!

4 hours plus to make it 11 miles in mud so deep, they are still looking for bodies.

2nd Place 6 hour Female Solo! Thanks to all involved for a great test of endurance!
And....ummm well, thanks for letting us play in your mud.
Sorry bout the tread marks.

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Matt said...

Congrats on the finish!

Casey Ryback said...

To finish that race with a huge grin on your face requires much in the way of superior attitude and superior state of mind. Please go easy on me this Friday - I am not worthy!

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

great job on second place! that was some pretty hardcore mud!! it sucks how many people didnt even get to finish a lap..

Julie Trevelyan said...

Wow--great pics! I love the combo of mud & smiles. Congrats indeed. Very hard-core, I love it. Hurray for mud-splattered fun!