Monday, May 23, 2011

Trail MOnster Racing!

Yup All of us got in some racing on Sunday, including the first race for the best known Trail MOnster of all, Sydney "The DestroyOR!"

Awesome day for sure! Great Job Sydney!

I had a great day as well, squeaking out a narrow victory over my awesome wife with 6 laps in a tad over 5 hours and a grand total of 45 miles, I think one moar lap and she was going to lay down the pain for me. I got lucky when they called the race due to heavy rain and lightning. I had another lap left in the tank, but the lack of fuel was taking it's toll. a handful of red licorice and a blackberry Jet Gu w/ 6 bottles of ice water was not nearly enough for 5+ hours of racing. Next time I won't let my Hammer Paste get heated up in my jersey pocket and will make sure I have a back up fuel plan in case something fails...

Next up my birthday present to myself! 200 miles of gravel road in the Flint Hills of SE Kansas! Check out some of the pics of the area.

Sure I have done some other stuff but nothing will compare with the next race on deck.


Matt said...

Good luck with the DK200!

Chuck said...

DK200 is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see pics and your report.