Monday, August 16, 2010

Rapture In Misery

The terrain of the trail twisted and turned through shadowy field edges, amid stretches of completely sun baked tall grass fields, then slipped into the woodlands for an immediate test with slime covered roots and rocks, with a good measure of climbing on mixed surfaces of pea gravel, hard pack dirt, and shady north side slopes of some grease like mud before dropping quickly off of the ridges with sweeping turns followed closely by more rocks and dips in creek beds with stone bridges interconnected with a sweet ribbon of soul sucking river bottom loam leading to a loose rock and wet root series of switchbacks ascending to the false flat open field roads from hell before paying back the pain with a final rip through young forest on contoured bench cut single track with a pump track flow, ending with a massive field cyclo-cross tests weaving through the coolest pit setup ever.

The scoring system was top notch. Barcode scans as you crossed the line with your time, position in your race group, and time to the racer in front of you. That was worth the entry fee. Nothing like dropping a $100 bucks or more at a race and have to wait a week for the final scores because everything is done on cardboard.

This is on my must do list for next year to improve on my 8th Place in the 40+ 6 hour solo.
PS I am not selling my bike just yet. We are still on speaking terms.
Obviously this is way before lap 3 of 4 of the 8+ mile course.

In other news Wendy got a podium.
3rd Place 12 Hour Women's solo....7 laps.
I think she rode a different course...
I am sure she will blog it up in a day or so...check her blog Pabst Smear.


Todd Holtmann said...

I'm sure the highlight of the weekend was the flashing I gave you on the way home though!!!!

ojulius said...

Hmmm, not sure what to say about how that race sounded. :) Nice job though, and awesome for Wendy!

Matt said...

Good to see the both of you out there representing....and way to go Wendy!