Monday, May 17, 2010

Another weekend in the life of a Trail Monster

Forecast...Rain all weekend...
Syds view of the sky.
Weathered the storm.
Maiden voyage of our newest boat.
I think she approves...
Shhhh.....can you hear the drips from the paddle?
...the ripples of the water past little fingers?
Think I can make it?
A little trail work.
Sometimes you need a break.
Gotta get those base miles in to shred with me.
I think they all had a great weekend.
Do you think it's time for pedals? Watch below...


Jason Pryor said...

Great work out there TTM! Awesome video!!! Jim, I heard you making those same sounds at Lost Valley going down the connector trail!

Matt said...

Thanks for the trail work, Mr. Volunteer?

Ummm weren't you the guy whom I once saw blow up a mailbox? I'm just sayin.......

ojulius said...

Time for pedals, Dad!