Monday, February 1, 2010

Off Season Complete

As the eve of February is upon us we find time is ripe for a change.

Why not test run the French press ala Jet Boil PCS in the kitchen.

Rule 1) Do not assemble French Press and add coffee then boil.

Seemed like the fastest way to get the much needed black juice.

Instead of the typical waddle to the fridge for a beer, how about a ride instead?

Proper planning will lead to the Trail Head Brewery in just a short 25.04 mile spin from home via neighborhoods and Katy trail state park. The beer is not as good as a fine TTM ale, and the sweet potato is lacking the TTM touch of grilling overnight.

Maybe a breast of Peacock would make nice table fare?

To work it off a bit more of a ride is in order.

Better be quick this pace line don't wait around for desert.

If your off season was a tough as mine odds are you will see lots of this for a month or so...

Public service announcement: Yo Frenchtown Antique District...your signage is a bit misleading. I am sure this orignated near the other end of Hwy 94. If ya still want the sign its chillin' next to a light pole in Research Park.

Bring It February TTM is back!


Matt said...

Nice ride and cool name for a brewery.

Bob Jenkins said...

Man, we all need to do some sort of ride where y'all start from your end of the state and ride the Katy trail toward us, and we do the same thing and we all meet in one central location and have a big-ass campfire/party and then ride home the next day.