Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday...TTM Style

Proper Attire for starters.

Add a dash of water.

One sprig of woodland finely diced.

Toss in a whole bowl full of friends.

Several ounces of shredded corn rows!

(Which by the way is the only approved method for corn rows!)

Marinate in the sun for a few hours.

Keep marinating.

Careful now, it's almost ready.

Damn to much special sauce.
She is behind this I see.



Bob Jenkins said...

Nice. Looks like a hail of a lot more fun than sitting at this desk.

See you kids at Castlewood. BTW, the Dragon appears to have a broken rib so you might have a chance:)

Matt said...

Handlebar mustache? You do know why they call them hanldbars, right?


Nice epic ride there amigo.

Team Trail Monster said...

Handlebars were left over from Halloween. It leaves tonight...going for the Classic 70's Bushy stash/flavor savor next!

Well and the chinwhiskers have gone grey.

Doctor said...

Spare the moustache. It is a beautiful creature. A moustache with a truly chinaman flavor.