Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Berryman Duathlon 2009

The long awaited post.
Wendy took 3rd in the 12 hour Women's division and I didn't.
She won another pair of awesome Salomon shoes. Hardly looks like she just ran 18.6 miles and rode 48 miles at Berryman. 18,000 feet of climbing in 12 hours.
Psst Check out the new kit! It's official Team Trail Monster are now members of Team Seagal!

The following picture shows just what lack of proper fuel can do to you in an endurance race. Our transition area is trashed, because I could not stay organized or focused.

Special thanks to Todd Holtman for saving me from a face plant bonk and sharing the top secret Rocket Fuel. Result of Rocket Fuel below.

10 minutes into this walk/run of the 4th lap, I found new legs and began my comeback. As I finished the run I felt awesome. I thought I could crank out the bike leg in about an hour which would put me in the running for a 5th lap. After 3.5 miles on the bike I realized that the 32x17 had taken it's toll. I settled for just rolling out to the gravel and waiting for Wendy so we could finish together. As I exited the jeep trail about mile 9 I saw Jason(race director) watching the riders exit the woods for the last lap. So I stopped to chat. You know I had time to kill. I figured I was in about 10th at this point, so no podium finish. After about 5 minutes of chatting we hear voices from the trail and I look over my shoulder and see the two guys I had been trading slots with all day. I couldn't believe it. I had passed them in the last transition. Makes since...as my last transition was 3.45 minutes whereas, all the others were in 10-15 minutes. Jason urged me to continue on and take my slot. I thought I would rather surprise Wendy with a rolling finish, a cheap token to make up for the fact I forgot that Friday was our 11 anniversary of our meeting. I hung a around for a minute or two and decided to roll on in toward the finish and wait...after a few minutes I decided to do it up right and roll through the finish and grab a couple Delicious Ice Cold PBR's for the finish line hand up. I made my way back out to the road in time to see Wendy rolling in, only 2 minutes behind 2nd place. I only wish I had a camera to capture the smile when I handed her the PBR. Very well deserved!

At the awards ceremony I learned of my mistake. Had I just finished and gone back out to meet Wendy, I would have taken 4th instead of 6th.

Next year 5 laps and no regrets!...maybe a different gear choice as well. ouch!

2009 Results Here

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