Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adopt-a-Trail Luvin'

Haulin' the "Boss".

"Sherpa Daddy"

Trail clearing discussion with the boss(the little one).

Trail Monster working the loppers.

"TTM" spent last weekend on Berryman/Ozark Trail doing a little deadfall clearing etc. Loved the warming temps and camping in the pines with snow on the ground. Who would think it would be 70*F with Snow in Missouri and the first weekend in February.
Sydney got to put her new wheels on the trail for the first time.
She loved it for about 10 minutes then deiced the snow was to much for the bike.

Sledin' was the most fun.
This is the new game where Daddy gets to run backwards while trying to pull Sydney down the ice/slush until the giggles are overwhelming.
"Stella" makes the perfect retreat for a midday nap when the ground is wet.

Love the quilt Mom!!!

If you like it, I know where ya can buy one.

Sassy Sisters II - Louisiana, MO 63353
Ask for Judy and refrence "Team Trail Monsters Camping Quilt" or any other custom quilting needs/supplies.
Shameless plug for My Mom's Quilt Shop

An evening by the fire with"Stella".
Another perfect weekend for "Team Trail Monster"!
Up Next - Berryman General Store review! A must read if your in the area.


Mason Storm said...

Great post! It's really cool you are doing this, and maybe we can arrange a team seagal & team trail monster trip like this. Let us know homey!

Team Trail Monster said...

TTM will scout the area for a nice group camping location and prepare for a weekend of riding around in a 24 mile circle.