Monday, December 8, 2008

Results up ------ NOW 3rd Place!!!! 2 Person COED


OK, Sorry...Wendy made me edit the original it's in a draft file(naa...I'll post it, somebody may wanta a read it...Title "Compatability Test".....). She said nobody wants the play by play of an adventure race....LOL..gotta love beer buzz ritin'
3rd Place Coed! #29/85 Overall! I will not Bonk next year. Must eat & drink more!!!! Broken chain twice at the beginning of the bike section...and then a little crash, faceplant...and 5 minutes later full on bonk, with cramps to follow. But we did it. Distance summary, I think about 6 mi in a canoe at 7am 30*F headwinds on the Meremac river, ~8 mi orienteering (running checkpoints), ~12 mi on mtn bike, and then finished off with 19 Checkpoint Rogaine...we managed 10 CP's before our time expired...we were cooked.! Great race! First Place and a top 10 Next Year!!!