Monday, February 4, 2008

Road Trip on down memory lane...or just the tail end of a great cruise...

Ever wondered what changes?

Nothing really...

maybe some paint but the bones are still solid....

Its still the jug.

Starks u-turn

The Y? Yup it is...

Do ya know this place?

Restin place?

Or this place?

OR Do you know this face?


Matt said...

Man that brings back some memories. Good ol Bronson, man I trust that guy more than only a handful of people that I've ever met in my life. One of the most consistent people that I have ever met. Damn glad to see him.

Joes Jug though brings back mixed memories. The last time I ever saw you brother was there. Jeni even got to meet him. We parked cars side by side and did that chatting on the side of the road thing. Mike was a lot younger than us, but damn I considered him a peer and a friend not restricted to the weird hierachy of age and class rank that typical high schoolers follow.

I loved Mike's energy, his humor, and his genuiness.

Honestly, I'm trying right now to think of any other time I actually remember being at the Jug and I can't think of it.

Ok I'm getting sad now.

*raises a beer glass to MikeD*

Team Trail Monster said...

Glasses Held High To Mike D! Emptied and Now to wipe a tear.

ojulius said...

It was so nice to see you all on your road trip! Hopefully we'll meet up again some time in the near future. :)