Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

This just in from TTM Epic Adventures!

Getting my Saint on a Saturday.
Huge props out to Will & Andrew Scherff for guiding a handful of newbies on the St. Francis river.  If Will ever offers you a chance to paddle some whitewater, you better take it!
Great instructor, rescuer, and all around the most patient dude I have met in a long time! 
We had a blast and I bet we all do it again!
A couple quick highlight video's to make you all jealous.
Watch now, then get off your couch and GETCHASUM!!!
SEAL DROP! The Roll!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Matson is Marvelous

Thursday evening thrash just wrapped up. Doubled down on everything. You will find nothing but darkness and snapped wrists on the trail.
That is all Jerks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post PENDING Dirty Kanza 200 2012

Ok, Ok, Ok....I will peel myself from the outdoors to sit indoors and write some...It's been awhile.  Facebook and Instagram have made me lazy when it comes to blogging.  Wendy writes in her sleep...I just dream of the next trip.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Couldn't help but sneak in a little afternoon Thanksgiving day ride.  

PS... We're still alive.  Just busy leaving tracks in the dirt.

5 young doe's hung out and explained that today is for turkey's not deer.  So we left before anyone got hurt.
Getchasum Still plenty of holiday left.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

PS it is still Summertime!

Been to busy to blog.  It seems that every weekend this summer I have been able to spend camping, canoeing, biking, or just chillin'.  Those damn weeks seem to get in the way.  I have started carving the weeks into smaller chunks to ensure I get my full dose of summer.  Sick Days Done Right!  
Below are a few pics I snapped last weekend on a 50 mile 3 day float....errr...scratch that....52 miles in two days.  Fast water and Faster Paddlers(Stitz and Keeven).  (One note...always besure to define the term "Float Trip" before signing up.)  I packed way more beer than these fella's thought necessary....I now know why...These kids wait til well after noon before considering a cold beverage...and they never set their paddles down.  30 miles day 1  with a half day of rain.  Day 2 22 miles with plenty of daylight left, leaves little time for beer drinking.  enjoy a few camera and anything cloth like was soaked since oh lets say 9 am Friday morning....til we got home so the pics might be a little water spotted.  

Fog was thick Friday and Saturday til midday.  Very surreal floating alone through the mist on the water listening to the distant thunder gaining on me. 

The float - Cedargrove to Powder Mill Current River Missouri
The Plan - Drive to Cedar Thursday eve, called ahead to Carr's canoe rental for a vehicle shuttle 
* they pick it up at Cedargrove and drop at Powder Mill....$150 ouch.  I guess fuel and time add up.
We hit the water a bit after 7AM.  Destination 20 miles down river.
By 9 the storms had caught us and we had to leave the water for a bit. Lightning has a way of making you want away from water.
20 minutes later we were back at the paddle.  The water speed seemed to pick up a bit and we were knocking off miles like crazy.
I finally took their paddles away just below Round Springs.  Note...Better to camp North of Round Springs or several miles South ...better gravel bars.
Great night sleeping on the gravel, after that long paddle it didn't take much of a fire to knock me out.
Saturday we awoke to clearing sky's and that familiar morning mist on the water at 8:30.  22 miles to go and no doubt we would have that done by 3PM.    We stopped at Two Rivers for a swim and some ice.  Good times were had swimming the current as it dumped from the Jacks Fork River into the Current River.  
I pretty much just let the river drag me the next 7 miles to Powder Mill.  A couple miles up river from the Hwy 106 Bridge I was treated to a Bald Eagle flying up the river.  Very cool to see in that setting.
A quick clean up and we headed for the Dairy Shack in Emminence.  Best grub in Shannon County.  Get a twist cone for sure. 

Home by 11PM.  That is one day early.  Sunday AM I awoke in my own bed feeling like I had forgotten I could tell was that I forgot I had a kitchen pass for 3 days not I loaded up the Subaru with the TrailMOnster and we headed for BASS River Resort.  We made it down by 1PM and set up a day camp in the Courtois.  Swimming with Sydney and Wendy.

 Sunset Sunday
My Best Friend.

What? You thought that was enough for a weekend...?  I told ya the weeks get in the way so I have been cutting them short.  
So Wednesday was Sydney's Kindergarten orientation.
Big Day for sure! 
We hit up the elementary school, got the scoop on lunch, recess, some book stuff and the cool bus ride.  Syd hopped on the bus and we met her at the house.  She has been waiting to ride that bus for at least 2 years.  Mom has not been waiting for her to ride that bus...Mom is ... gonna need some friends to call and invite her on bike rides this week as school starts Monday.
We decided to make Wenesday special for Syd so we loaded up the Suby again and headed for the Huzzah this time.  100 miles puts you pretty close to the low water bridge at Scotia landing.  The new car's super gas mileage seems to give an assist toward these trips.  We spent the afternoon swimming and learning to us a snorkle.  It didn't take more than 5 minutes and couple mouthfulls of water before Syd got the hang of the snorkle.  Soon all we could see was her butt in the air and a blue snorkle...she floated well over 100 meters of river before even looking up.  

 Chillin' not Workin'

 Mid Afternoon worn out?
 um yes I think it's ok if she plays on the roof of the new can handle hail, boats, and bikes, I am pretty sure it can handle a 40lb barefooter.
 Get here via Gravel if your good.  So that was last week....and here it is Saturday morning...big day ahead.  Stella is moving to a new home in South Dakota later today,  we have had fun, but the humid Missouri weather makes it a crime for me to keep her here.  Rust will eat her in a couple more years if she off to sweeter and hopefully dryer air.  
I am headed to Council Bluff Lake tonight for little Perseid Meteor shower viewing while simultaneously crushing a few PBR's and getting a Moontan.  Full MOON GET OUTSIDE!  Sumnmer only comes once this year Getchasum!
Sunset for Coates, I know how he digs em'